Projects. I have enough of them stuck in my head but lack the time, knowledge and/or money to make them happen. For now they stay projects in my head but maybe one day I will share them here.

The projects include business idea’s and documentary idea’s. One idea I am willing to share now is a documentary on one of my hobby’s from the past.

For year’s I’ve been playing racing simulations on my computer and Xbox. A long time I even raced online in competitions. I never had any real success but for me it was the only and cheapest way of experiencing racing as I simply didn’t have the funds to do some actual racing. I wasn’t the only one. And even real life racing drivers used these games to practice the tracks they had to race on. One of the more famous one’s is Dale Earnhardt Junior. He even participated in online competitions besides his NASCAR Schedule.
The story also goes the other way. The most famous one is the NISMO Playstation GT Academy where people can win a year of racing by playing the Playstation game Gran Turismo.

So my idea for the documentary is to get back into this world. Not to start racing online but to see who the stars of today are. What happened to the real careers of the winners of the NISMO Playstation GT Academy. I also would follow my former racing buddy Steve Claeys who is pushing hard to go racing in real life. And obviously I would look at iRacing. One of the biggest online racing games at the moment with over 50.000 active members and sanctioned races including a sanctioned series by NASCAR.

For now just ideas and dreams but if enough people get interested it might be something we can look into and make this idea and dream a reality.
And if this works out I hopefully have enough experience to work out another documentary idea about something even more interesting to me.