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Hi, my name is Micha de Wals.
First of all, let me explain why this is in English. Most people coming here know I’m Dutch so why is this in English and not in Dutch? I have friends in the USA as well and I want them to be able to read my site as well. I could post everything twice, once in Dutch and once in English but that’s too much work. I could post in Dutch and tell my English speaking friends to use google translate. But almost everyone knows at least the basic English so almost everyone can read my site if I post only in English.

I was born march 26th 1980 in the town of Hengelo, the Netherlands. I was born and raised in a small town called Delden. I lived there until mid-1997. Then I spent 11 months in Elkhart, Indiana USA as an exchange student. Mid-1998 I came back home and lived in Delden. First with my parents and later on my own.

I got a job in IT at the Voskamp group. Mid 2007 I switched jobs and started working for Holland Pharma in Borculo. In 2015 I switched jobs again and started working for CCG Retail in Deventer.
In the meantime I got 2 children who live with their mother most of the time

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