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Player 1 Sucks

Little over 2 weeks ago I posted about my decision to start streaming my gaming sessions online on Twitch. I had a few sessions on there but one thing bugged me a lot. The statusbar of Twitch cannot be moved and was positioned at the bottom of the screen. Incidentally this meant it blocked a vital part in one of the games I played (Fallout 4). I searched high and low but on the Xbox you cannot move the statusbar. However with Mixer you can do this. So the decision was made, I’m streaming on Mixer from now on.

At the same time I needed a name for my Mixer and YouTube Channel. After some brainstorming the name “Player 1 Sucks” was picked. It’s a gaming reverence (Player 1) and a skills reference (I lack skills).

My first YouTube uploads where just unedited sessions which ended up being well over 1 hour and one even clocking in a whopping 2 hours and 30 minutes.

If those 2 hours and 30 minutes contain almost non-stop action it’s not really and issue but if you play games like Fallout 4 a good portion of that time is spend browsing shops, looting desks, cabinets and bodies, listening to people talk, travel over the map and watching loading screens.

The next step was limiting the recordings to 30-45 minutes. Still not good enough if you keep playing Fallout 4 as the same issues that cost time are still there.
For the game “Oh…Sir!! The Insult Simulator” it is less of a problem but still you have loading screens. Another step was needed to make videos that are half decent.

That next step was editing the videos. To do this you need video-editing software. Here you have several options. Pay money and get something like Adobe Premiere. Find Premiere as an illegal download and hope it works. Or google and see if there are good freeware programs.
I came across a few and after some reading ended up using Shotcut. Shotcut is a free opensource, cross-platform video editor. It’s a pretty elaborate piece of editing software and for now it gets the job done for me. My later video’s in the “Back to the Future” let’s play all have been edited using Shotcut. It easily allows me to cut out loading screens or periods where nothing really happens. For example, in the last Back to the Future session I was stuck. I tried to do a certain thing too soon and ended up walking around like an idiot for several minutes. No-one wants to see that so it had to go. This also helped trimming down the video

One aspect of streaming I don’t have a grip on yet is commentating during my gameplay. Frankly this is one of the most important things to get proper views as there is only a very small group of people who would watch let’s play video’s where there is no commentary at all. I will use my Fallout 4 session’s to get the hang of it. I might edit out most of my terrible commentating at first but over time I hope to get better at it and able to share it with the world.

At the moment I’m streaming 2 games. Fallout 4 and Back to the Future: The Game. Both are older games, Fallout 4 was released in 2015 and Back to the Future was originally released in 2010. So neither really generate the views as most people know it by now.
I have 3 other games lined up for the channel. One is also a bit older, released in 2014. This would be Elite: Dangerous. However this is a game that is constantly being updated and version 2.4 will soon be released. Elite: Dangerous is a space simulator and is set in 3303. You can do whatever you like. Explore the vast galaxy, the game contains around 400 billion star systems complete with planets and moons that rotate and orbit in real-time, resulting in dynamic day/night cycles. Around 150,000 of the game’s star systems are taken from real-world astronomical data. Only a fraction has yet been discovered by the players in the game.
The goal of this let’s play is to get to Earth. To reach Earth first I must obtain the rights to enter our solar system, so I’ll be working towards that first. After we obtained the rights we’ll undertake the journey to Earth.

The second game is FIFA 18. This game will be released late september. The idea behind this let’s play is starting a new career as a striker. Rise through the ranks and hopefully end up becoming a huge star and win prices. On Mixer you can follow entire games but the YouTube uploads probably will be cut down to highlights.

The last game is the one I look forward the most and I hope that by the time that one comes out I’m more confident to speak during gameplay. That game would be: Assassin’s Creed: Origins. This game will be released late October. It will continue the Assassin’s creed series. This time in ancient Egypt during the Ptolemaic period circa 49 B.C.
From what I’ve seen so far the game will visit some historic places in Egypt. I love the history of Egypt and I love Assassin’s creed so I cannot wait to return to the game and visit these places.

Well, I’m sure none of you will watch my videos but if you want to, click the YouTube or Mixer icon on the top and thank you for watching.



streamer wannabe

Starting today I added a new feature to my website. One that probably won’t get used a whole lot but whatever, right?

You can now see if I’m streaming live on Twitch. What is Twitch? Twitch is a website where you can host live streams of whatever you’re doing. In most cases it’s people playing video-games. Somehow people love watching others play video-games, myself included. Some make a big deal out of it. Having green screens and what not. Dress up and have an entire act.

For now it will be without a microphone and video of me playing but in the future I might add it. But I doubt people would actually want to watch me play games let alone see me or hear me in the process.

I don’t think this will be a great success. I might have a viewer or 2-3 max but that shouldn’t stop me from sharing what I’m doing.
Currently I’m not playing any recent games. Right now I’m catching up with Fallout 4 and it’s DLC. In October the new Assassin’s Creed game will be released and I have it in pre-order so that will be a more interesting game for people to watch.
Maybe in between Fallout 4 and Assassin’s creed I catch up on Elite Dangerous again. However this is even more boring to watch to be honest.

Twitch also allows me to upload previous sessions to YouTube. Last night I streamed for nearly 2 hours and that’s available on YouTube right now. But you could also watch it on Twitch.

So basically I’m trying to become a streamer wannabe. Thinking I’m really cool by streaming a game and doing what everyone else is doing. I don’t have the illusion I’ll become some famous, rich streamer or YouTube star but if one or two people enjoy watching my channel I reached my goal. People do seem to enjoy watching others play games.

Anyways, if I’m streaming, come join me and see me fail. I’ll probably be back online later tonight.


A new beginning

A few weeks ago the divorce was final. Last week I finished up my therapy. A rough 7 years is finally over for me and it’s time for a new beginning.

In hindsight the relation was a terrible one. Basically it was a one-way thing. Giving a lot and not getting much in return. I kinda knew I had to get out of it for a long time but love makes you do dumb things and I staid hoping things would improve. Things didn’t improve and only went from bad to worse. Eventually the bomb burst. I have my role in this. I worked on the issues but looking back I should have gotten the hell out of there much sooner. And the biggest issue is now solved by divorcing it.
The only positive result of that relation is my son and daughter. They make the suffering worth it.

Currently I’m still looking for my own place to live. There is a waiting-list for rental homes. The waiting period is roughly 18 months. For the time being I’m living with my mom again. Not really a big problem but Half my stuff is stored over at my cousin’s place so I don’t always have everything I might need.
The rest, with the exception of a livingroom and tv, has to be bought new (or used) once I get a place to live. I don’t have a bed. I don’t even have sheets for it. I might have a towel or two (that might be in the boxes at my cousin). No pots and pans. I do have plates, forks, knives and spoons. No fridge, freezer or washing-machine
I have no beds for the kids. I do have one toddler bed but by the time I have my own place Tyler will almost be too big for it.

But that’s ok. I have to save up a lot of money so once I do find a place I can get everything I need. I can make the place my own.
I’ll be living close to my friends and family again. I’ll live a little bit further away from my job but that’s ok with me.

One of the downside to the divorce is me having to give up my season ticket to FC Twente. With the kids over every other weekend I’m going to miss a lot of games.
As an alternative I decided to pick up airsoft more intensively. I was a point where it was either quit or keep going and decided to keep going. A few weeks back I had my first event is months and it was great. Got some new gear. Found out a old friend of my brother also plays so another airsoft buddy to go to events with.

One of the greatest joys is my daughter starting to like auto-racing. At this point I’m not certain if she likes it because I like it or if she really does seem to enjoy it. From what I’ve heard she did talk about it all week so hopefully she really likes it (for now).
Reminds me of the days where my dad and I watched F1 or Indycar.
With some luck her brother also starts to enjoy it. It’s a great way to spent the sunday afternoon.

Another good thing I’m doing is going to the gym again. I’m trying 3 times a week but I don’t always manage to do that. It’s not really helping yet but hopefully in time that will come. I’m hoping to gain enough condition I can start running again. I never really disliked it. Just out there, alone, music blasting in your ears. What I disliked was not being able to go for 5km straight without being out of breath.


how to express real joy without sounding too bitter?

So I was waiting for this moment a long time. Looking back I should have made the decision much much sooner. Now the day is here I’m not really sure how to express my deep joy without sounding bitter or hateful.

I feel there is no way to express and explain the joy without explaining it more. Yet I do not think a public site is the place for it either.
All I can say is that I’m very happy and if you want to know why you know how to contact me.

For me this is a new beginning. My life belongs to me again. it will take some time to get everything back in order as I’m still waiting for a place of my own.

Also a big thank you to my family and real friends who have been here for me when I needed it and not shut the door when it became a bit difficult.


1 year old

Tomorrow Hailey will already be 1 year old and the time has flown by like it was yesterday. At first it was getting used to being a dad but slowly I grown into the new role.

Now she’s getting older I’m enjoying it more and more. Now I can play with her. Flying her around the room, holding her upside down and “wrestling” on the couch.
The joy of coming home and seeing her respond to that never grows old. No matter how bad the day was, she can cheer it up.

Slowly she starts to walk. She can walk around the table or couch or while mom or dad is holding her hands. Its getting better every day. Soon she will be able to walk on her own. That will mean more work for mom and dad as we have to run after her.

Talking also starts. Words like mama (mom in Dutch) or papa (dad in Dutch). She also tries to tell us what she wants by pointing and saying “Die” (that in Dutch, pronounced “dee”). Most of the times she points in a general direction making it hard for us to get the right item. She cannot say yes or no yet so if we think we have the right item she cannot confirm it yet. Leading to frustration for her because stupid daddy cannot pick up the right item.

She also loves music, just like her dad. Almost any song is good enough. When her tune comes on she starts to dance. Hopefully she’s into the same music as dad once she’s older so we can go to shows together.

Hailey is now slowly waking up so I say goodbye for now because I have to get her out of bed. Tomorrow around this time the room will be decorated and she will get her first presents, her grandparents will come over and give her more presents. On Saturday we will celebrate it the rest of the family and friends and she will get even more presents.


Happy new year

Happy new year everyone.

A few days late but who cares. I was working on another review but it didn’t get done yet. I wanted to review the original Transformers cartoon season 1 but by now I’m watching season 3 so I might have to rewrite it to make it a review of the entire series including the 1986 movie.

So what will 2015 bring us? In march I will become 35 already. In April Hailey will be 1 year old.
In December the new Star Wars movie will be out but also The Avengers: Age of Ultron, the next James Bond movie, Spectre, Jurasic world, Max Max: Fury Road and Terminator Genisys will be released during the year.
While looking at the list of new movies I noticed a bunch of crap movies as well like 50 shades of grey or Furious 7. Seriously, why waste time and money on that?

In february part 2 of season 5 of the Walking dead will start. Right now this is the only series I take time for to sit down and watch every monday. In october season 6 will start.
There are several series I want and need to watch but don’t really have time for it. I should be ashamed that I haven’t started Breaking Bad or that I only watched season 1 of Game of Thrones. I still have a few seasons of Dexter that need to be watched and I hear Homeland is good as well. Fox Netherlands is now showing Vikings. This also looks good but again time is the issue here.

What will happen in the music industry is pretty much beyond me. If someone I care about releases a new album I’ll notice it on facebook or spotify. Twin Forks did announce on facebook that there will be new tours and new music. If the new album is as good as their last one I can recommend it. I hope that if they come to the Netherlands I can get tickets.

What will be released in the gaming industry is also something I don’t really have time for anymore with Hailey around. Besides that, most games will be released for either the Playstation 4. Xbox One or PC. With an older PC and a Xbox 360 I probably won’t be able to play them anyways.
One game I do hope will get announced is Fallout 4. The last game, Fallout New Vegas, was released in 2010. Fallout 3 was released in 2008. So we’re due for a new game.
But when it gets announced it probably will take another year before it gets released….for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

I’m also eying new airsoft gear. The replica itself isn’t that expensive but the clothing I would like is. The kit I selected was around 330 British pounds. I had a few items on that list that where pure for the looks and not necessary but still the entire kit is expensive.
Before I buy this kit I first must have some luck in the lottery.

One of the things I’d like to do is be more active. I’d like to run at least 5 kilometers 3 times a week. To reach that goal I should start running in the first place. Late 2013 and early 2014 I ran quite a lot. I didn’t run 5km yet but I was running. Sadly several injuries hindered me from reaching that goal and eventually I completely stopped running.

But first on my list is finishing the review of the Transformers series. Hopefully it will take me days instead of weeks. But first I have to finish season 3 and 4. So goodbye for now. My 2 girls are in bed now so I have a date with the DVD-player.



Regrets, we all have them. Not telling that one girl you like her, not getting that one thing you wanted or getting it while not really having the money for it. Maybe not saying that one line during an argument. Or going or not going to this party or concert. Or an ugly and/or misspelled tattoo.

Having regrets isn’t bad. It’s part of your live. I too did not tell that one girl I liked her but that’s ok. That was years ago and I now have a beautiful wife and we have a beautiful daughter.
I too did buy something I couldn’t really afford at the time and I skipped a concert or 2 because of various reasons. But in the end things turned out fine and the world didn’t end. I also have tattoos but the only regret is I don’t have the money to get more.

Lately there is one thing that I start to regret. As a kid there where 2 toys I spent most of my days with. One was Lego. Me and my brother made amazing things. We build entire farms with tractors and machinery. I made the entire Formula 1 grids. Teams, drivers and pitcrew. Of course almost every start involved crashes and I had to rebuild several cars before “the next race”.

The other toy was G.I. Joe. A lot more expensive than Lego and you cannot build your own toys. But you could recreate the cartoon or create your own adventures. Or if you was, like me you created adventures based on the tv show Tour of Duty.

Over the years I collected quite a collection. Today I cannot exactly remember which action figure or vehicle I had or a friend of mine had but I do know I had quite a few.

I always wanted the Skystriker XP14F based on the Grumman F14 Tomcat, made famous in the movie Top Gun, but sadly I never had the money for it.


Skystriker XP14F

When I did have money it was replaced by the Conquest X-30 which was loosely based on the Grumman X-29 prototype.

conquest X-30

Conquest X-30

Some of my favorite action figures where the following:




Alley Viper

Alley Viper


They raced around my bedroom on the Tiger Paw quad.

Tiger Paw

Tiger Paw


I spend countless hours with these and my Lego’s and then came the day I stopped playing with it. First it was collecting dust and then me and my mom decided to clean up my room and put away all the toys I stopped playing with.
My mom “confiscated” the Lego’s. One they she would have grandchildren and they can play with it she said. And right she was. Hailey is still too young for it but in a few years she will build things and spend countless hours with it.

But my GI Joe’s was a different story. I was a big boy now and I didn’t play with GI Joe’s anymore. I grabbed a garbage bag and threw them all away. All of them. Including every vehicle I had. My mom asked me if I was sure and I was…. at the time.
Forward ~20 years and now I regret that decision. Not that I want to play with them today but I now realize I threw away a part of my youth. I can go on eBay and get them all again but it’s not my GI Joe. My GI Joe’s ended up in a garbage incinerator. Buying them again means I’m getting someone else’s memories.

I don’t blame my mom for not stopping me back then, it was my decision. However if Hailey and/or her future brother or sister wants to throw out toys they stopped playing with I might decide differently for them so that 20 years later they don’t have to regret their decision.

PS: If one of my friends read this I’m sure he’s cringing right now. I think he’s more a Transformers guy but still… You know who you are 😉


New server

so after some new problems with my site my host moved me to a new server. This resulted in being offline almost the entire Saturday. It works again and hopefully all problems are now fixed. Let’s wait and see.


New photoshoot by Sander

So Hailey is now almost 6 months old. Time for another photoshoot by Sander van Tuijl.

As expected, Sander delivered a wonderful job.

Hailey Hailey Hailey Hailey Hailey Hailey


Hailey Hailey

If you need a good photographer for good pricing I strongly recommend Sander. So far he has done several bellyshoots, our wedding, familyshoot (de Wals side) and multiple shoots of Hailey. Every time it was great.



Howto: Make your own magpulls

One of the things I wanted to buy for airsoft where magpulls. A piece of rubber to fit around the bottom end of your magazine so it’s easier to pull it out of your magazine pouch. However these cost €2,50 to €2,80 a piece. With 6 magazines thats around €15 euros. There had to be a cheaper way.

Rubber magpulls

Rubber magpulls

I searched the internet high and low and found one but it didn’t have a proper howto. It only showed the end result. But I now had a general idea on how to make my own magpulls.

my gunbag came with straps so you could wear it as a backpack but I have no intention to do so. These would work for straps. Now I needed a role of tape and I was set to be creative.

the materials needed

the materials needed


Needed are: scissors,  straps, tape and your magazines.
After a few failed attempts I came up with the following and for now it seems to work wonderful.

While there isn’t much that could happen I would like to remind you that beyond this point everything is at your own risk and I cannot be held responsible for any damage to you or your magazines.

tape up the end

tape up the end

Tape up one end of the strap. Wrap the tape around it 2 or 3 times and then rub the tape so it sticks to the strap even better.
Then hold the taped end on your magazine, make the desired size of your magpull. Mark where the straps starts on the other side of the magazine. I used my finger.
Place this end on the tape and use your scissors to cut off the strap. Make sure it’s the side that’s too much and not the side that goes to the already taped up end. Then wrap the tape round the second end just like you did with the first end.
The result will be like the image below.

Both ends taped up

Both ends taped up


Next we take one end of the taped strap and place it on the tape as on the picture below

place the end of your magpull on the tape

place the end of your magpull on the tape


Place this on the magazine as seen below.

place the tape with the magpull on the magazine

place the tape with the magpull on the magazine


Now we’re going to hold the other end as seen below.

hold the other end in place before you tape up the entire magazine

hold the other end in place before you tape up the entire magazine

Carefully wrap the tape around the magazine so that both ends are now taped to the magazine. Wrap the tape 2 or 3 times and then cut it and rub it so it sticks better to your magazine.

end result

end result

And there you have your homemade magpull. It might not look like it’s rubber counterpart but this has a nice field-mod look to it.
If you have high cap magazines make sure the loop is big enough for you to wind the wheel. If you have a high cap flash mag, make sure you have enough room to open the bottom and pull the cord.

For me this seems to work. I applied quite some force to it and it didn’t came loose. If you try you probably will pull the strap out but in most cases the magazine will exit your pouch before that happens.

make sure you leave enough room if you have high caps.

make sure you leave enough room if you have high caps.