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Hailey laughing

So my last update was almost two months ago. That’s not really keeping it up to date now isn’t it?

I tried to update the site a few times but I probably was having some sort of writers block. I had a lot ideas but when trying to type it out it never satisfied me and got deleted again. But finally I have something I want to share. Last night we where at my in-laws for a BBQ. Hailey got new diaper and Gerdi started making noises. Words are not needed to explain what happened. The video below will do it more justice. Enjoy.

Note that this was just a minute of it. She was laughing like this for a good minute or two before I started filming.


More pictures of Hailey

Yesterday, wednesday may 28, our Hailey was already 4 weeks old. The last few days she started to actually smile at Gerdi and today there where moments she actually smiled at me.

The weeks have flown by. Partly because I’m already back at work. Because of that I missed the latest photoshoot by Sander van Tuijl of our little wonder. If you ever need a professional photographer I can really recommend him. He made the pictures of our wedding and did 2 wonderful bellyshoots while Gerdi was pregnant. A great photographer who is very willing to share his knowledge instead of fearing competition. Gerdi already learned a great deal from him.

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Hi everybody!!

as you can see the site has changed a bit. Just like my live. Soon my baby daughter will be born and she will turn my live upside down. I cannot wait for it.

I’ll be adjusting this site a bit more and will try to keep it up to date with stuff that’s going on in my live.