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1 year old

Tomorrow Hailey will already be 1 year old and the time has flown by like it was yesterday. At first it was getting used to being a dad but slowly I grown into the new role.

Now she’s getting older I’m enjoying it more and more. Now I can play with her. Flying her around the room, holding her upside down and “wrestling” on the couch.
The joy of coming home and seeing her respond to that never grows old. No matter how bad the day was, she can cheer it up.

Slowly she starts to walk. She can walk around the table or couch or while mom or dad is holding her hands. Its getting better every day. Soon she will be able to walk on her own. That will mean more work for mom and dad as we have to run after her.

Talking also starts. Words like mama (mom in Dutch) or papa (dad in Dutch). She also tries to tell us what she wants by pointing and saying “Die” (that in Dutch, pronounced “dee”). Most of the times she points in a general direction making it hard for us to get the right item. She cannot say yes or no yet so if we think we have the right item she cannot confirm it yet. Leading to frustration for her because stupid daddy cannot pick up the right item.

She also loves music, just like her dad. Almost any song is good enough. When her tune comes on she starts to dance. Hopefully she’s into the same music as dad once she’s older so we can go to shows together.

Hailey is now slowly waking up so I say goodbye for now because I have to get her out of bed. Tomorrow around this time the room will be decorated and she will get her first presents, her grandparents will come over and give her more presents. On Saturday we will celebrate it the rest of the family and friends and she will get even more presents.

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